Thursday, June 16, 2011

We've been down... But not out!

I guess you could say, "There's 8 more to go!"

It has been a grueling year and a half, here at the main office.
First, the entire Finance Dept. was out for six weeks after a mass de-clawing at their house. We had to re-locate the National HQ because of a flea infestation - ("Thank You" again to the rest of my brothers and sisters at Cleveland-West #9L2 for taking us in!) THEN, our I.T. guy, Terrence (whose humans call 'Puddles'... How humiliating! I mean, he was only a kitten, and that's what they stick with?) ...anyway, Terrence got caught up with a bad crowd (can you say, "woof"? Of course you can't... Terrence can't either, he knows that now.) and we've been useless on the Internet without him.

We'll be getting back into the blogosphere more completely soon, but for now I've opted to just begin by posting the quarterly report:

F.A.A.N.G. 2nd Quarter of 2011 Report (unofficial preview)

National Membership - 2,437,942
Active Recruits Pending - 1,209
Newly Formed Chapters:
#96L2 Orlando North/Lake BV, FL
#848L1 Roswell, NM
#31L4 Dixie Hwy/NW Detroit, MI
Disbanded Chapters:
#25L2 Alamo (English), TX
'Extra Chin Scratches' Hardworking Rep. Award:
Wendy 'Mrs. Tillyweed' Hawkins, Rep. #35 from Local #403L1 Reading, PA
[Wendy followed a delinquent human with a pillowcase-full of a fellow union member's kittens and meowed loud enough to attract a human authority figure to prevent their demise... Then she ripped up the leather seats of the perpetrator's fancy car and ran off with the rabbits foot he uses to start the engine. Good work, Wendy!]

Also, just a reminder - Local Dues are collected at the official start of the 3rd Quarter again, July 1st! (Reps, remember how hard it is to collect late this time of year, with those exploding lights in the sky distracting your members?!)
National Dues will then be collected October 1st as usual.

Now, my fellow felines, go find an open window and dream of attacking those summery birds!

With perked ears and ready claws,
- Lavernious "Midnight" Olearude